Focus on Women & Girls

MotheCampaign for TFreer’s Day was this past weekend, and we hope every woman who is a mother or a mother figure was celebrated. We want to share a message from theCampaign for Tobacco-Free Kids:
Now is the time to make plans to raise awareness about the impact of tobacco use on women and families in your community, as well as spark interest in and support for your tobacco control activities. There are a number of activities that you can do to celebrate moms and raise awareness about this important issue. Consider identifying a woman in your community who can talk about how she successfully quit with the help of your state’s tobacco control program, or even a woman who is willing to share her ongoing struggle with tobacco addiction. You can partner her message with facts about tobacco use among females in your community and quit-smoking resources.

The factsheets contain state-specific, mom-related tobacco data that can be used for special Mother’s Day press releases, newspaper columns, op-eds, LTE’s, etc. They can also be used to publicize and support your current or planned tobacco control efforts.
Updated materials include:
  • TFK factsheet that provides state-specific data on tobacco use and related harms for women. 
  • A Mother’s Day factsheet with tips for Moms to help keep their kids from smoking.
Click below to view all of our women and girls related factsheets.