dyk…That Menthol Cigarette Prevalence Use Has Increased In Asian, White And Hispanic Smokers Since 2010?

A study published in Tobacco Control (October 2016) examined non-menthol and menthol cigarette use prevalence in adolescents and adults using national data from 2004 to 2014.

Findings included:

  • Although overall smoking prevalence has decreased, the proportion of past 30-day cigarette smokers using menthol cigarettes was higher (39%) in 2012-2014 compared to 2008-2010 (35%).
  • Youth smokers remain the most likely group to use menthol cigarettes compared to all other age groups.
  • Menthol cigarette prevalence has increased in Asian, White and Hispanic smokers since 2010.
  • Menthol cigarette prevalence exceeded non-menthol cigarette prevalence in youth and young adult smokers in 2014.
  • Among smokers, menthol cigarette use was positively correlated with co-use of cigars.
  • Menthol cigarette and smokeless tobacco co-use also increased from 2004 to 2014.

The researchers concluded that because the youngest smokers are most likely to use menthol cigarettes, there is urgency to limit the impact of menthol cigarettes on the health of youth and young adults.

Click HERE to comment on the findings & engage with your peers on the Peer-to-Peer Exchange (P2PE). Click HERE to read the abstract.

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