New Study: Rural and Tribal Residents and Smoke-Free Housing Policy


…That Most Public Housing Authority Residents Living in Rural and Tribal Settings Support Smoke-Free Policies?

A study published in the Journal of Community Health (December, 2016) examined attitudes towards smoking policies among public housing authority (PHA) residents in rural and tribal settings. A self-administered questionnaire was completed by 895 adult tenants living in PHA multiunit buildings in Montana in 2013.

Findings included:

  • The majority (80.6 %) of respondents supported having a smoke-free policy in their building, with support being significantly higher among nonsmokers and among residents living with children.
  • Tribal residents were as likely to support smoke-free policies as non-tribal residents.
  • Over half (56.5 %) of respondents reported secondhand smoke exposure in their home; residents in a building with no smoke-free policy in place were significantly more likely to report exposure.

The researchers concluded that there was a significant reduction in exposure to secondhand smoke in facilities with smoke-free policies and there is strong support for such policies by both tribal and non-tribal multiunit housing residents.

Discuss this study with your peers on our Peer-to-Peer Exchange (P2PE) in the “Did You Know?” Space or CLICK HERE to read the abstract.


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