LOOP Technical Assistance Trainer Serena Chen wins Jefferson Award for Landmark Tobacco Control Laws








Earlier this month, LOOP Technical Assistance Trainer Serena Chen won the Jefferson Award from CBS SF Bay Area (KPIX, KCBS) for her pioneering work in the tobacco control movement for the last 20 years.

Here are some excerpts from the article on CBS SF Bay Area’s website:

As policy director at the American Lung Association, Chen advocated alongside a group of anti-smoking residents and claimed victory when Belmont passed its landmark no-smoking law for apartments and condos in 2007.

“Thanks to Chen’s work in Belmont and the Bay Area, two million Californians in more than 30 cities now have smoke-free housing laws.”

“In all, she has advocated for more than 50 city and county smoke-free ordinances, from business districts to bus stops; from parks to public schools and public housing.”

“’In a very good sense, I saw my role always as an enabler,’ she explained. ‘I enable communities to get their voices heard.’”

The LOOP Team congratulates Serena on her accomplishments and on her long-term commitment to tobacco control in California! We also want to thank Serena for being a Technical Assistance Trainer for The LOOP!

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Kern County Tobacco Free Coalition & Community Collaboration Supports Capacity-Building

Bakersfield “Clergy, Cops & Community” members of The LOOP who attended the Mentoring Center training in Oakland, CA with Chelsa Snead and Achebe Hoskins. Featured here are LOOP Technical Assistance Trainer Kevin Keyes and Pastor Toure Tyler.

Bakersfield tobacco control advocates, who are newly-recruited LOOP technical assistance trainers (TATs), recently attended a mentor training hosted by the Mentoring Center in Oakland, California. The group took the opportunity to meet with statewide members of The LOOP including Dr. Valerie Yerger and Carol McGruder who is also the Co-Chair for the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council. Carol and Valerie met with Pastor Toure Tyler from The Cross Christian Church and heard his story about struggling with cigarette addiction as a college student. When he learned about their research on menthol, he wanted to bring those efforts not only to his church but to community and faith-based organizations in Bakersfield. Since then, the groups in Kern County have hosted, under the collaborative efforts of the “Clergy Cops and Community” initiative, “The Great American Smokeout” event at New Life Residential Center. They also hosted “No Menthol Sunday” at The Cross Christian Church.

This capacity-building effort has expanded to include collaborative events working with churches in San Francisco and the Season of Peace Movement to stop gun violence in Bakersfield and Oakland. These collaborative efforts are aimed at addressing both gun violence and tobacco-related diseases. Bakersfield’s Danny Morrison, an active partner in the collaboration, has a powerful movement going called #HowLong, which uses rap music to spread the message of ending gun violence in the community.

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