…That Socially Disadvantaged Smokers Are Likely to Continue Smoking after a Cigarette Tax?
Smokers use cigarette expenditure minimizing strategies (CEMS) to alleviate the effect of tax increases on their cigarette expenses. A recently published study (Tobacco Control, February) examined changes in smokers’ cigarette expenditure minimizing strategies (CEMS) before and after a 2013 Minnesota $1.75 cigarette tax increase. Data were from representative samples of smokers who participated in the Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey 2010 (n=948) and 2014 (n=1,229). Participants indicated CEMS used in the past year from a list.
Findings included:
  • Between 2010 and 2014, more smokers tried to save money on cigarettes by rolling their own cigarettes (from 19% to 29%), using other tobacco products (from 13% to 25%), and buying cigarettes from cheaper places (from 48% to 55%).
  • Fewer smokers used coupons/promotions (from 63% to 50%) and bought cigarettes by the carton (from 39% to 32%).
  • Smokers with lower education were more likely than those with higher education to purchase discount brands, roll their own cigarettes, use coupons/promotions and cut back on smoking.

The researchers concluded that socially disadvantaged smokers were most likely to use CEMS and continue smoking after a cigarette tax increase. Regulations that would reduce CEMS use could boost the effectiveness of cigarette tax increases.

Source: Choi & Boyle (2017). Changes in cigarette expenditure minimizing strategies before and after a cigarette increase. Tobacco Control, Feb 20. pii: tobaccocontrol-2016-053415.

Click HERE to read the abstract.

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