Did You Know That A Substantial Number of Youth Are Using Electronic Vapor Products And Blunts To Administer Cannabis?

The positive association between youth use of cannabis and tobacco is well-established, and reports show that some youth are using electronic vapor products (EVPs) to administer cannabis. A newly published study examined the prevalence and correlates of youth consumption of cannabis via EVP and how this compares with co-use of cannabis with cigars (blunts) among a large statewide sample of youth.

Findings included:

  • Ever EVP/cannabis use was lower among middle school students (3.4%) than high school students (11.5%).

  • Blunt use was reported by 6.0% of middle school and 24.1% of high school students.

  • Approximately one-third of youth who had ever administered cannabis via either mode reported using both EVP/cannabis and blunts.

  • EVP/cannabis and blunt use were both associated with lower school performance and use of other tobacco products.

  • EVP/cannabis use did not vary by race/ethnicity, but blunt use was higher among black and Hispanic youth than white, non-Hispanic youth.

The researchers concluded that a substantial percentage of youth in a statewide sample are using EVPs and blunts to administer cannabis, and overlap between these use patterns is common. Differences in the demographic risk profile for EVP/cannabis and blunt use suggest that EVPs may provide a novel route of administration for delivering cannabis that appeals to groups not otherwise susceptible to using cannabis via blunts.

Source: Eggers et al. (2017). Youth use of electronic vapor products and blunts for administering cannabis. Addictive Behaviors, 70, 79-82.

Read the abstract at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28214740

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