Did You Know That Prevalence of Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking is Higher Among Sexual Minority Populations?

A recently published study examined differences in waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS) comparing sexual minority populations – those identifying with lesbian, gay, or bisexual identity – to their heterosexual counterparts using a nationally representative dataset. Researchers analyzed the 2012-2014 National Adult Tobacco Survey data to determine the prevalence of waterpipe smoking behavior among sexual minority individuals controlling for sociodemographic characteristics and stratified by current gender status. The study found that lesbian/gay and bisexual respondents reported higher prevalence of WTS compared to their heterosexual counterparts. The researchers concluded that sexual minorities exhibited increased prevalence of current waterpipe smoking compared to their heterosexual counterparts. This pattern is also shaped by gender and variation of sexual orientation identification (e.g., lesbian/gay vs. bisexual). These findings warrant the development of tailored interventions aimed at decreasing waterpipe smoking among sexual minority populations.

Click HERE to read the abstract.

Source: Ortiz et al. (2017). Waterpipe tobacco smoking among sexual minorities in the United States: Evidence from the National Adult Tobacco Survey (2012-2014). Addictive Behaviors, June 8, 74, 98-105.

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