Did You Know That African Americans, Compared To Whites And Other Groups, Have More Trust In Information Provided By Tobacco Companies?









A recent study examined racial/ethnic differences in sources of health information, types of tobacco information sought, and trust in sources of tobacco related information. Data from a nationally representative survey were analyzed.

Findings included:

  • The Internet was the most common first source of health information while health care providers were the second most common source for all racial/ethnic groups.
  • Tobacco-related health information seeking was more prevalent than other tobacco product information seeking.
  • A higher proportion of Whites sought other tobacco product information compared to Asians and Pacific Islanders.
  • Trust was rated highest for doctors while trust for health organizations was rated second highest. Asians and Pacific Islanders had higher trust in the government compared to all other groups. Blacks had higher trust in religious organizations compared to all other groups besides Hispanics. Blacks also had higher trust for tobacco companies compared to Whites and Other.
  • However, many of these differences were weakened in adjusted analyses.

The researchers concluded that this research has implications for tobacco control practice and policymaking by identifying potential dissemination strategies.

Source: Nguyen et al. (2017). Racial and Ethnic Differences in Tobacco Information Seeking and Information Sources: Findings From the 2015 Health Information National Trends Survey.

Journal of Health Communication, Aug 1, 1-10.

Click here to read the abstract

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