Did You Know? Majority of Youth who Use Electronic Vaping Products Use Advanced Models that Deliver Nicotine More Effectively

Advanced models of electronic vaping products (EVPs) likely pose a greater risk to adolescent health than basic or intermediate models because advanced models deliver nicotine more effectively and heat e-liquid to higher temperatures, producing more harmful chemical emissions. A newly published study (Nicotine & Tobacco Research, December 2017) examined adolescents’ risk factors for using different device types. Researchers used social media to recruit an online sample of 1,508 U.S. adolescents aged 15-17 who reported past 30-day use of e-cigarettes. The study assessed tobacco use, beliefs and knowledge about EVPs, and EVP use behavior, including the device type participantsuse most frequently. 
Findings included:
  • Most respondents usually used modifiable advanced devices (56.8%) rather than basic “cigalike” (14.5%) or pen-style intermediate (28.7%) devices.
  • Use of multiple device types was common, particularly among those who primarily used basic devices.
  • Younger age and less frequent vaping were associated with mainly using basic devices.
  • Adolescents who were older, male, personally bought their main device, and had ever mixed e-liquids were at elevated risk for usually using advanced devices.
The researchers concluded that adolescents who primarily use basic devices may be newer users who are experimenting with multiple devices. Future research should examine which adolescents are most likely to transition to advanced devices in order to develop targeted interventions. Recommendations include that regulators should consider strategies to reduce access to all types of EVPs, such as better enforcement of the current ban on sales to minors.
Source: Pepper et al. (2017). Adolescents’ Use of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Device Types for Vaping. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Dec 23, [Epub ahead of print]
Image Credit: Ecigclick

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