The LGBT Community & E-Cigarettes


A study originally published in 2015 comprehensively examined patterns and correlations of current e-cigarette use among U.S. adults, identifying important variations among priority populations.

LGBT respondents had higher rates of both cigarette smoking (32.4% vs 20.3%) and of e-cigarette use than heterosexual respondents (25.1% vs 14.3%for ever use and 9.4% vs 4.9% for current e-cigarette use). Although there are no significant differences in e-cigarette awareness across income levels, a clear inverse relationship existed between income and rates of both e-cigarette use and smoking. Those with lower education levels tended to have higher rates of e-cigarette use and smoking than those with collegeeducation.

The analyses revealed that the LGBT subpopulation had higher rates of both ever and current e-cigarette use. However, after controlling for smoking status and quitting behaviors, the coefficient for LGBT respondents became statistically insignificant. Because current cigarette smokers are more likely to use e-cigarettes, higher rates of e-cigarette ever use and use among LGBT individuals were primarily driven by high cigarette smoking rates among sexual minorities. Nonetheless, future efforts to address the high rates of tobacco use among sexual minorities, including both combustible and electronic cigarettes, are warranted.

Read the abstract here.

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