WANTED: Current or Former Smokers Interested in Helping Themselves and Their Communities

It seems that every day that passes there is some type of news report on smoking, news on E-Cigarettes, new tobacco control laws, public health messages, etc… Former smokers are glad they quit and most current smokers wish they could quit and oftentimes feel guilty and under siege. We want you to know that we need you in our movement and there is an opportunity in those headlines – an opportunity to help yourself and your community.

Come join our virtual leadership program and learn about all of the unseen job and career opportunities! Learn how to help protect our children and future generations. This is not a stop smoking class but it will supportively help current smokers view tobacco-related issues in a new light. You will also be able to contribute your opinions and life experience on how to better serve our communities. 




APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 19, 2018 at 5pm (PST)


Please Address Questions To:
Coordinator Specialist
The LOOP Leadership Development Program
Telephone: (415) 502-3265

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