LOOP Team Presents on Hip-Hop’s Role in Tobacco Control

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During the 2018 Tobacco-free California Projects’ Meeting in Long Beach, The LOOP’s own Godfrey Ramos and Leadership Development Program fellow, Josephine Young, collaborated on a presentation entitled, “Flava In Ya Ear: The Power of Hip-Hop Culture.” Not only was the title inspired by a 1994 track with the same name by Hip-Hop artist, Craig Mack, it was also selected to acknowledge the relationship between youth and flavored tobacco.

In their presentation, they mentioned that one of the biggest misconceptions of Hip-Hop culture is that Hip-Hop only consists of rap music. However, the workshop debunked this idea by giving an overview of the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop Culture: MCing, DJing, B-boying/B-girling, Graffiti Art, and Knowledge. Using this framework, the presenters highlighted the influence Hip-Hop culture has on society and provided innovative strategies on how to use Hip-Hop as a way to mobilize youth around tobacco control efforts.

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Godfrey Ramos’ Bio:

Godfrey Ramos is the Coordinator Specialist for The LOOP. He received his Master’s degree in sociology from San Jose State University, with an emphasis on social theory and quantitative research methods. His research project entitled, “Beats, Rhymes, and Life: A Look at Hip-Hop/Rap Music and Behavior” examines how rap music promotes resistance, communication, and social change amongst different genders, races, and classes, even though many argue that rap music is actually negative and damaging to its listeners. His other research interests include: race, class, gender, social inequality, subcultures, deviance, and social justice. Godfrey is also an adjunct Sociology professor at Diablo Valley College and San Jose State University.

If you would like any assistance regarding this topic, please reach out to Godfrey directly at godfrey.ramos@ucsf.edu.

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