Did You Know – There Are Racial Disparities in Tobacco Use Among Persons in Addiction Treatment?

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Persons in addiction treatment have among the highest smoking prevalence of any population. A recently published study examined racial and ethnic disparities in tobacco use prevalence, behaviors, and services among persons in addiction treatment.
Findings included:
  • There was no difference in cigarette smoking prevalence across racial/ethnic groups.
  • Hispanics and African Americans, compared to Whites, were less likely to be daily smokers, use smokeless tobacco, or use e-cigarettes.
  • African Americans and Hispanics reported more past-year quit attempts and higher use of menthol compared to Whites.
  • Hispanics were more interested in quitting while in treatment than Whites.
  • African Americans reported receiving more tobacco cessation advice and services while in treatment than Whites.
The researchers concluded that the findings indicate the need for continued engagement of African Americans and Hispanics in cessation services while in addiction treatment, and for addressing heavier tobacco use and lack of interest in cessation during treatment among White clients.
Source: Pagano et al. (2018). Differences in tobacco use prevalence, behaviors, and cessation services by race/ethnicity: A survey of persons in addiction treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Nov; 94:9-17. doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2018.08.003. Epub 2018 Aug 8.

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