Homeless Youth Tobacco Use Impacted by Tobacco Advertisement for Electronic Cigarettes and Hookah

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A recently published study examined associations between the appeal of advertising for 5 classes of tobacco product (electronic cigarettes, hookah, cigars, cigarillos, and smokeless tobacco) and future intentions to use those products again among homeless youth who had indicated lifetime use. A probability sample of 469 young tobacco users experiencing homelessness (mean age = 22; 71% male; 29% non-Hispanic White) was recruited from 25 service and street sites in Los Angeles County. The researchers found that advertising appeal was positively associated with future intentions to use again for electronic cigarettes and hookah, but not cigars, or cigarillos.

Results suggest that advertising appeal may increase use of certain tobacco products among youth experiencing homelessness. However, differences in themes emphasized by advertising for specific tobacco products could differentially influence use in this population.


Source: Shadel et al. (2019). Associations of Tobacco Advertising Appeal With Intentions to Use Alternative Tobacco Products Among Young Tobacco Users Experiencing Homelessness. American Journal of Health Promotion, Oct 3. [Epub ahead of print]

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