Check Out These Policy Opportunities in Sonoma County!


County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors: The Board directed staff to provide policy options to update the current Tobacco Retail License (TRL) policy to include policy options for flavored tobacco products and electronic cigarette sales bans. County staff is scheduled to present to the board on these policy options on March 3rd.

CONTACT: Board of Supervisors:


City of Petaluma: The city is currently drafting a TRL policy. The City Youth Council at the 12/16/19 meeting specifically requested of the Council a TRL with a flavored tobacco sales restriction.

CONTACT: City of Petaluma: Peggy Flynn, City Manager,, (707) 778-4345


City of Sebastopol: The city has a TRL policy on the goals and has requested a presentation on 2/4/20 from county staff and coalition/community members on this policy option.

CONTACT: City of Sebastopol: Larry McLaughlin, City Manager,, (707) 823-1153


Please contact the people listed above to get involved in these opportunities.

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