New Racial Data Released in California on COVID Infections

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article on April 9, 2020 that included the following information:
  • Of the 6,306 Californians with the coronavirus for whom demographic information was made available, 37% are white (whites make up 37% of the state’s population); 30% are Latino (Latinos make up 39% of the state’s population); 14% are Asian or Asian American (Asians/Asian Americans make up 15% of the state’s population) and 6% are black (African Americans make up 6% of state’s population). The demographic breakdowns were similar for 172 people who have died and for whom information was released.
  • San Francisco provided demographic data on Tuesday for about two-thirds of 676 cases; the rates of infection closely matched the racial and ethnic breakdowns of the city.
  • Meanwhile, no other Bay Area counties — including Alameda County, which has a large African American population — have provided demographic data.
To read the full article (subscription required), CLICK HERE.

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