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Tobacco Product Waste Prevention and Mitigation Registration

Cigarette butts, packaging, and electronic cigarette materials/pods are the single most collected items on beach and urban cleanups worldwide. This waste has implications for environmental degradation due to the chemicals leached from the waste products and for human and animal health. Recent research suggests that cleanup, prevention, and mitigation of such waste has significant negative economic externalities, which are costs borne by others than the users of these products, including communities, taxpayers, and voluntary organizations.

Raquel Fernandez Megina of Nofumadores.org in Spain will discuss cigarette butt pollution and her smoke-free beaches initiative. Dr. Thomas Novotny of San Diego State University & Cigarette Butt Project will discuss the policy implications of tobacco product waste prevention and mitigation with a focus on how such policies fit within the end game on tobacco and how to shift accountability for tobacco waste upstream to the tobacco industry. Hudson Kingston of the Public Health Law Center will describe how tobacco control can learn from the Environmental Justice movement and use available tools to protect the environment to promote health equity.


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Register here: 


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