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59.0% of Middle & High School Students are Exposed to Pro-Tobacco Online Marketing

A recently published study examined the effect of pro-tobacco marketing on electronic cigarette and combustible cigarette dual use among US middle and high school students under 18 years of age. Data from the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey were analyzed.
Findings included:

  • Descriptive analyses show that 59.0% of respondents were exposed to pro-tobacco online marketing, and 2.9% were dual users.
  • Dual users and high school students were more likely to report exposure to online pro-tobacco marketing.

Findings indicate that a gap in electronic cigarette pro-tobacco marketing regulatory oversight may exist. Further policy action may be warranted to protect the public health of minors and other vulnerable populations who are most susceptible to pro-tobacco marketing.

Source: Marion, et al. (2020).  Online Pro-Tobacco Marketing Exposure Is Associated With Dual Tobacco Product Use Among Underage US Students. American Journal of Health Promotion, 34(6), 648-651.

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