Peer-to-Peer Exchange

One of The LOOP’s major features is its interactive web-based site where CTCP grantees (henceforth “grantees”) can access LOOP-related documents (uploaded by LOOP staff, TAT’s and Leadership Team), important tobacco prevention links, a group calendar, a discussion forum, list of grantees and their contact information, and previously recorded webinars.  At the heart of this site are the two areas where grantees will be able to access other CTCP programs through either direct digital contact or through the discussion forum.

“Frequent Neighborhood Program”
To encourage grantees to utilize the various services available to them, particularly the digital contact and discussion forum, we have a “Frequent Neighborhood” program where grantees earn points each time they interact with another grantee.  The goal is for grantees to interact with one another as much as possible and to become experts themselves.  As grantees earn points, their “position” changes from “novice” to “expert.”

Click HERE to enter the Peer-to-Peer Exchange portal if you are a CTCP grantee, coalition member or LLA!!!!