Gloria B. Soliz

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Gloria B. Soliz, MDiv, NCTTP

Gloria Soliz, a Nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Provider, is an independent consultant on tobacco treatment, education and policy. As a LOOP consultant, she provides tailored assistance and training for grantees of the California Tobacco Control Program.

In 1991, Ms. Soliz co-founded the Coalition of Lavender-Americans on Smoking or Health (CLASH), a nonprofit that continues to addresses tobacco in the LGBT community. Gloria co-founded and facilitated The Last Drag, a stop smoking program, that served the LGBT community in San Francisco for 27 years.

Gloria has extensive tobacco cessation experience especially with diverse cultural populations including with people in treatment and recovery. She develops tailored cessation curricula and is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist trainer.

Please contact Gloria at or call (510) 823.7198.