Kimberly Bankston Lee


Kimberly Bankston Lee

Kimberly Bankston-Lee is the Senior Program Director for two tobacco control programs, Saving Our Legacy: African Americans for Smoke-free Safe Places, (The SOL Project) and Breathe California, Sacramento-Emigrant Trails’, Sacramento Taking Action against Nicotine Dependence (STAND Project). Ms. Bankston-Lee has 17 years of experience planning, developing and implementing tobacco control programs.

Ms. Bankston-Lee has managed six tobacco control programs for non-profits, county government and health care services such as the Gold Country Regional Tobacco Control Coalition, the African American Tobacco Education Partnership, Smoking Cessation Counselor for Sutter Medical Centers, and the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services.

Ms. Bankston-Lee has worked with restaurateurs, the rental housing industry, community colleges and trade schools, and government agencies to adopt smoke-free policies and ordinances. She has developed numerous educational materials and campaigns such as policy tool kits, guides for adopting smoke-free policies, pamphlets, brochures and post cards on various tobacco issues and products; and developed TV, radio and social media campaigns to increase awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke, nonsmokers’ rights, and support for smoke-free outdoor policies.

Although most of Kimberly’s funded projects did not include providing direct cessation service, she took it upon herself to become trained as a cessation facilitator and motivational interviewer to help countless tobacco users with quitting. She is currently the Co-Principal Investigator for a pilot research project testing efficacy of smoking cessation for college students, through a partnership with UC Davis Medical Center.

Ms. Bankston-Lee is the Chairperson to the Sacramento County Tobacco Control Coalition, is a Steering Committee member of the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council, and is an Advisory Member of the Loop, a capacity building network. She is also a member the Healthy Sacramento Coalition, the Media and Materials Review Committee for statewide material development, and an application reviewer for the state.

Ms. Bankston-Lee’s personal mission is to help end tobacco addiction through individual behavior, policy and systems change by collaborating with diverse individuals, communities and organizations.

Kimberly Bankston-Lee received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Safety Studies with an emphasis in Community Health Planning from California State University, Sacramento in June 1992.