Congratulations to The Following Organizations For Being Awarded Funding In Response To Request For Application #22-10008 Advancing Tobacco Cessation In Community Clinics Project (ATCP)

The California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program (CDPH/CTCP) awarded funding to ten organizations in response to Request For Application #22-10008 Advancing Tobacco Cessation in Community Clinics Project (ATCP).

1. Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. (Los Angeles County)

2. Avenal Community Health Center (Tulare and Kings County)

3. Centro de Salud de la Comunidad de San Ysidro, Inc. (San Diego County)

4. Chinatown Service Center (Los Angeles County)

5. CommuniCare Health Centers (West Sacramento and Yolo County)

6. El Dorado County Community Health Centers

7. Herald Christian Health Center (Los Angeles County)

8. South Central Family Health Center (Los Angeles County)

9. Stanislaus County Health Services Agency

10. WellSpace Health (Sacramento County)

The award is for the term of September 1, 2022 to February 29, 2024. The awarded organizations will:

  • Implement an evidence-based, quality improvement project (QIP) to increase the effectiveness of tobacco cessation efforts;
  • Optimize use of the clinic’s data systems to enable ready assessment of tobacco quality improvement metrics including tobacco use prevalence in the clinic patient population, referral rates to Kick It California, counseling utilization rates, and quit rates;
  • Provide tobacco-using patients with evidence-based guidance related to diet, physical activity, and stress management to: (a) prevent or minimize weight gain frequently associated with smoking cessation, and (b) optimize the health promoting and disease preventing impact of tobacco cessation; and,
  • Adopt and implement recommended tobacco-free clinic policies.

For more information, please contact Adam Doughri