Latino Coordinating Center Applauds Vallarta Supermarkets for Stopping the Sale of Tobacco Products in 34 of its Stores Statewide

Fresno, California] – The Latino Coordinating Center for a Tobacco-Free California (LCC) recognizes and applauds Vallarta Supermarkets for their decision to remove tobacco products from most of their stores throughout California. This decision makes Vallarta Supermarkets the first and largest grocer in California to remove tobacco products from its shelves.
Vallarta Supermarkets’ choice to remove tobacco products from 34 of its grocery stores occurs in a period in which tobacco continues to harm Latino families nationwide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), four of the five leading causes of death among Latinos – cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes – are linked to tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. [Partial release shown here].
Media Contact:
Rosendo Iniguez, MPH