New Funding Opportunity

The San Mateo County Tobacco Prevention Program is looking for interested organizations or consultants to work on tobacco prevention for fiscal year 2023-2024.

The Tobacco Prevention Program plans to fund up to 3 contractors.

Click here to view the Scope of Work for each contractor:

  • Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Contractor: $18,090
  • Priority Population Contractor 1 (Comprehensive Tobacco Retailer Licensing): $11,200
  • Priority Population Contractor 2 (Comprehensive Tobacco Retailer Licensing): $24,900

Applications are due April 3, 2023.

Email to indicate which contract you are interested in and submit a narrative with your qualifications (up to 2 pages). You may apply for more than 1 contract.


  1. History of implementing tobacco prevention campaigns in San Mateo County
  2. Ability to follow protocols in implementing a community survey project (applicable to Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Contractor and Priority Population Contractor 1)
  3. Ability to complete tasks and submit required documentation in a timely manner

Email by March 15, 2023 with any questions. Answers to questions will be provided in a follow-up email to the TEC listserv on March 17, 2023. Thank you.