Meet Nichelle Kitt

Nichelle Kitt was a medical social worker for 6 years, specializing in patients with end-of-stage renal failure. Nichelle also worked over 15 years for Bananas Northern California, a non-profit community-based resource and referral agency. Nichelle's passion for mental health led her to complete an internship with the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. Located in Oakland, Nichelle was able to gain experience in providing mental health services to the Center’s diverse clientele. She continued working as a mental health therapist at the Fred Finch Youth Center.

Nichelle’s mission is to help individuals become aware of any fears that have an impact on their lives, and then to develop the courage to address and eliminate them. Her many years of working in the field of social work has allowed her to appreciate the need to meet individuals where they are and help them focus on their wellbeing. When first introduced to Emotional Brain Training (EBT), a neuroscientific method that helps one to build resilience to extreme stress and alleviate its associated physical and mental effects, Nichelle immediately saw the usefulness of EBT in her work.

Currently certified as a Level 1 EBT provider, Nichelle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share as a Tailored Assistance Trainer (TAT) for The LOOP. She is excited to explore how EBT can be shared with the California tobacco control workforce and the communities they serve to filter out stress and create more joy in their lives. As stress levels continue to be intensified following the COVID-19 pandemic, Nichelle recognizes that those who use tobacco as a coping mechanism for dealing with stress could benefit from EBT. Nichelle will be working closely with The LOOP team to identify opportunities to introduce our tobacco control partners and community-based partners to the unique tools of EBT.